Noise around us has become a bit of a mantra around here. So for 018 we’ve again applied what we’ve learnt in the past to push the needle forward in our own unique way!

AirHorse Compressor

Technical quality
as the core

All series of AirHorse machines adopt the most advanced production technology and cutting-edge technology in the world.

◆ We adopt German screw air-end technology, original imported SKF bearings, Siemens/Schneider circuit system and other parts and accessories of well-known international and domestic brands,

◆ Which have ensured reliable operation, high efficiency, low noise and long service life of AirHorse series screw air compressors.

◆ Our products have been widely used in the fields of power generation, semiconductor, shipping, automobile, communications, textile, oil refining, etc.

Ikeda scents

Liquid air freshener !

IKEDA Airfresh Fragrance Liquid Car Air Freshener, obvious strong fragrance with long lasting over 60 days, offering multiple scents for options. Suitable for car, home and commercial use. Could be used with some air diffusers.

Guangzhou AirHorse Compressor Co., Ltd.

about us

Guangzhou AirHorse Compressor Co., Ltd. has been developing rapidly since its establishment in 2012. Currently, we have more than 200 employees, and the plant of our own brand covers an area of more than 13,000 square meters. The Company has an administrative office, a conference room, product testing room, R&D Department, Sales Department, large finished product warehouse, etc. Our main products include screw air compressors, screw blowers, centrifuges, vacuum pumps and related products.


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  • +86 13725224016 / 020-32376170

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  • Room 608-610  Lida Plaza, No. 611 Yueken Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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