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三合一 7.5HP-20HP螺杆机

  • Name:Tank and dryer mounted screw air compressor
  • Category:Integrated screw air compressor
  • AirHorse air compressor is fully confident that it will work well and we offer an extended warranty package designed to provide you with the best after-sales service.Intelligent integration in the product avoids leakage and pressure drop to ensure the highest reliability.

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Detail Introduction:


AirHorse 2 and 1 screw machine product drawing.png

Tank and Dryer Mounted Screw Air Compressor (3-in-1 type)
ModelMotor powerFree air deliverFree air deliverDischarge pressureTank volumeElectricityWeightSize

To learn more details,please download our product catalogue as below.

【AIRHORSE】product catalog 3-in-1 type.pdf

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