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  • Use AirHorse Variable Speed Drive screw air compressor, you don't need to worry about the complex of electrical installation and programming for the machine. All parts of compressor are assembled before shipment, as long as the main power supply is connected, it can work immediately.

    Through the powerful intelligent controller test the pressure of the air system changes continuously, accurate to change the speed, air flow of the air compressor always consistent to the demand of the user's system .Intelligent controller of reaction rate is caculated by milliseconds, and at the same time for speed correction can be made within the 3 ms, make its outlet air pressure control within the minimum range.


  • 1) More Efficient: German Tgchnology;

    2) More Comfortable: Less Noise;

    3) More Stable: Variable Frequency, Stable Air Supply Pressure;

    4) More Convenient: Microcomputer Control Touch Screen, Simple And Convenient Operation;


  • 1)Small S1art Shock

    2)Small Equipment Maintenance

    3)Air Supply Pressure Siable

    4)Automaticauy Adapt To Grid Volmge

    5)Energy Saving

    6)Lower Noise

    7)Frequency Speed Regulation 

    8)Energy Saving By Power Factor Compensation


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