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Standard screw air compressor

AirHorse produce electric stationary oil-injected screw air compressor,including in belt driven screw air compressor and direct driven screw air compressor;air cooling screw air compressor and water cooling screw air compressor;oil-lubricated screw air compressor and oil-free screw air compressor.

Belt driven type (AHB series)

  • 4KW-11KW (5HP-15HP) 皮带式
  • 15KW-30KW (20HP-40HP) 皮带式
  • 37KW-75KW (50HP-100HP) 皮带式
  • Direct driven type (AHD series)

  • 15KW-45KW (20HP-60HP) 直联式
  • 55KW-110KW (75HP-150HP) 直联式
  • 132KW-250KW (175HP-350HP) 直联式
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