Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil Free Air Compressor

What is oil free air compressor?

At the heart of the oil free air compressor is the outstanding two-stage compression engine. The rotor is finished in twenty processes, resulting in unrivalled precision and durability in rotor linearity. The interior is equipped with high-quality bearings and precision gears to ensure the coaxiality of the rotor, so that the rotor fits precisely, so as to maintain long-term efficient and reliable operation.

What is the advantage of an oil free air compressor?

Low cost

Savings in oil change costs and the cost of equipment used to clean and separate oil and air, such as oil separators, filtration equipment and condensate treatment equipment.


Oil-free compressors are more in compliance with international environmental regulations than lubrication systems and are the choice of environmentally friendly compressors.

Low maintenance

Oil-free and fewer moving parts mean less maintenance and fewer areas where problems occur.


The enlarged anti-wear bearings can easily take on all loads to ensure the normal operation of the main engine.

Well sealed

Air leak proof seals are made of stainless steel, while oil leak resistant seals are designed in a durable labyrinth design. This set of seals not only prevents impurities in the lubricating oil from entering the rotor, but also prevents air leakage and ensures a steady stream of clean, oil-free compressed air.

Long life

Oil-free screw compressors are equipped with precision gears and improved lip-to-lip seals at the input of the drive gear shaft to prevent oil leakage into the unit.

What is the difference between oil and oil free compressor?

1. the material is different: the oil free air compressor itself does not contain oily substances, which avoids the pollution of the oil-free air compressor to the terminal equipment. There are oil air compressors themselves material oily substances, which will pollute the terminal equipment.

2. the life is different: oil free screw air compressor uses a heat-resisting piston, so that the bearing grease is no longer subject to high temperature conduction and radiation and loss, so that the life of the oil-free air compressor is greatly extended. There is no heat resistance piston in the oil air compressor, the sealed grease is easy to lose, resulting in dry grinding and damage to the bearing, and the oil air compressor has a short life.

3. the working principle is different: oil free air compressor in the process of operation is no oil participation, whether it is oil-free piston machine or oil free screw machine, they will produce a lot of high temperature in the process of operation, if there is the participation of oil-air compressor oil will take away the high temperature generated during the compression process of the air compressor, thereby cooling the machinery.

4. the exhaust gas is different: the oil air compressor uses resin material lubrication, so the final exhaust gas does not contain oil. Oiled air compressors are lubricated with oil, so the final exhaust gas contains oil.

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