Variable Speed Screw Air Compressor

Use AirHorse Variable Speed Drive screw air compressor,
you don't need to worry about the complex of electrical
installation and programming for the machine. All parts
of compressor are assembled before shipment, as long
as the main power supply is connected ,it can work
immediately.Through the powerful intelligent controller
test the pressure of the air system changes continuously,
accurate to change the speed, air flow of the air compressor
always consistent to the demand of the user's system .
Intelligent controller of reaction rate is caculated  by
milliseconds, and at the same time for speed correction
can be made within the 3 ms, make its outlet air pressure
control within the minimum range.

  • High-efficiency induction motor
  • ntegrated Variable Speed Driven(VSD) with speed control
  • Leading control and protection
  • Soft starting eliminates  drive stress
  • Economy of Use:Saves your money by lowering your
    operation cost. These saving will continue to be
    delivered to your bottom line year after year
  • Best Efficiency at Part-load :When operating at
    part-load, the performance is top in class. The variable
    speed IntelliDriven avoids load cycling and maintains
    a steady state of operation, reducing operating and
    maintenance costs

  • Soft Start Lowers your Operating Cost:The gentle start cycle of the IntelliDrive increases
    the service life, meaning that frequent stop and
    restart cycles are permitted, without the risk of
  • Multiple Machine Operation:When operating as a pressure trim machine, the
    power savings achieved by a single compressor
    is multiplied by additional savings achieved over
    the full installation
  • High Full-load Operating Efficiency:Class-leading performance achieved by state-of-the
    -art airend design and manufacturing processes,
    coupled with the reduction of internal losses, means
    that airend  full-load performance

Cost Comparison
The Guangzhou AirHorse VSD screw air
compressor can change the motor RPM precisely
according to the air consumption under stable
discharge pressure. The compressor only delivers
the required air,and only consumers the energy
of necessary compressed air. That’s why the
VSD type screw air compressor can save energy
during the whole set machine operation. The
cost of saving energy is much higher than the
cost of machine itself.

Start and Operation
The figure shows a comparison of several types
of start up. We can see that the VSD air compressor
is slowly accelerating started, more stable than
the soft-start compressor, completely avoiding
the current peak. Variable speed screw air
compressor is ideal for use in areas lacking of

Constant pressure air supply,
with the balance of production

The figure shows the energy consumption
comparison between the general air compressor
and VSD air compressor.The VSD screw air
compressor changes the rotating speed according
to air consumption and balance the air supply
and air usage. Thus avoiding the machine frequent
loading and unloading, making the VSD machine
save more than 35% energy compared to normal
compressor. Stable pressure delivery controlled
the pressure zone with 0.01 Mpa-0.02 Mpa, avoid
energy loss under high pressure in the normal
type air compressor.

Electricity Saving Result
According to the research between the VSD
screw air compressor and a normal screw air
compressor, there are two fields which can
display the result of energy saving, the loss of
no-loading and loss of fluctuating pressure .For
example, for a 55KW screw air compressor,70%
air delivery in a year, the VSD type can save
about 80000KWH energy. The cost of VSD can
be taken back within two years.