Electricity Board(Siemens/ABB PLC)

Main electrical components use the world famous brand Schneider, Simens etc., professional wire input design, strong
function to diagnose fault and protect automatically.

Air Fliter (Germany MANN)

Efficient heavy air filter to ensure the quality of inlet air
and safety of the air end, improved the life greatly.

Oil Filter(Germany MANN)

The efficiency is 20% higher than normal one, filter
accuracy up to 9 microns, protect the air end better,
and extend the service life.

Three Grade Air and Oil Separator(Germany MANN)

Built-in high effeciency air and oil separator core, to
ensure the oil content of compressed air below 3PPM,
fix and replace easily, good sealing, bearing high

Motor (Jiangtian, Qingjiang,same quality as Sullair of USA)

Using well-know brand high performance motor
protection class IP54, F Class insulation, SKF load
bearing, higher efficiency than similar products
by 3%-5%.

Control Panel(Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish etc. available)

The AirHorse Control System offers single-point control and access to your compressed air system. With the improved overall diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint service needs, it is almost like having a  built-in service technician. AirHorse Integrated Multi-function Display and Control Features.

Package discharge pressure;
Total hours run;
Maintenance timer;
Time of day;
Fault indicator;
Bar graph indicating service%;
Get Parts indicating at 20%;
Flashing LED at 10% remain;
Continuous warming if service is overdue..

Intake Valve (Hoerbiger from Austria)

Automatically adjust based on gas consumption ,low
maintenance, good stability, large inlet air.

Original air end from Germany and Italy, the powerful heart decides the high performance of the whole machine,
to make sure bigger air capacity ,higher efficiency, longer lifespan.Precision machined rotors with duplex-tapered
roller bearings

Sequential Cooling

Improves efficiency, service ability and noise level,
Standard electronic no-loss drain valves improve
efficiency ,Independently-mounted, free-floating
air and coolant heat exchanges, Lowers discharge
temperatures, significantly reducing the energy
remove condensate in downstream air treatment