Hi-end Piston Air Compressor

Piston/Reciprocating Air Compressors use pistons
driven by a crankshaft and are positive displacement
machines,meaning that they increase the successive
volumes of air which is confined within a closed space
and accomplishes this by a piston within a cylinder as
the compressing and displacing element.

Applications of the Hi-end Piston Air Compressor:The hi-end piston air compressor is used in oil refineries,gas pipelines,chemical plants,natural gas processing
plants and refrigeration plants.One specialty application
is the blowing of plastic bottles made of Polyethelene
Terephthalate(PET).These rugged and reliable compressors are ideally suited for the light industrial.commercial or professional user. Built with care and attention to detail that sets all DWT series compressors apart from the competition,all models are factory tested before shipment. Single-stage and two-stage reciprocating compressors are commercially available.

  • Features of the Hi-end Piston Air Compressor
  • 1.The hi-end piston air compressor can be continuously operated
    for 24 hours.
  • 2.It is reliable,easily installed and economical.
  • 3.It has a cast iron compressor pump and a totally enclosed
    belt guard.
  • 4.The hi-end piston air compressor offers industrial grade motors.
  • 5.It offers splash lubrication.
  • 6.The hi-end piston air compressor uses the most popular
    design in the market,and it is mature,reliable and easy to maintain.
  • 7.It offers simple structure,high efficiency and is cost-effective.
  • 8.It is made with top quality material and has exquisite
  • 9.It offers a powerful head design,low speed,stroke length,
    and a longer service life than the similar products.

  • 10.It adopts the ring valve design and valve material mported from Japan and Sweden,Which greatly increases the performance and service life of air valve.
  • 11.The hi-end piston air compressor uses a piston ring  from Taiwan Riken that is durable and non-oil.
  • 12.The crank shaft by high-frequency quenching,enhances the wear resistance of the product.
  • 13.The oil separator structure design of the front cover offers low fuel consumption and in the long term keeps the body clean.
  • 14.In volume control.there are gas and electronic automatic control types,gas and electronic dual-use type,and four types of intelligent control.Depending on the gas situation,
    it will automatically switch between electric control and penumatic control.
  • 15.The piston air compressor is CE certified,and is manufactured under ISO quality management system standard.
  • 16.We offer a one year full machine warranty.

High-end piston air compressor
Model ZS-VA-80 ZS-TA-80 ZS-TA-80 ZS-TA-100 ZS-TA-120
Power(KW/HP) 3/4 4/5.5 5.5/7.5 7.5/10 11/15
Air flow(M3/MIN) 0.36 0.53 0.67 1 1.5
Air flow(CFM) 13 19 24 35 53
Working pressure(bar) 8 8 8 8 8
Cylinder(diameter*pcs) 80*2 80*3 100*2 100*3 120*3
Rotating speed(RPM) 900 875 930 860 800
Tank volume(L) 160 250 250 400 500
Demension(mm) 1250*450*900 1400*500*1050 1550*600*1150 1650*650*1300 1800*750*1450
Weight(KG) 135 170 240 294 390